Hardly anything is as destructive for our health as insomnia. Chronic sleeping disorder has a negative impact on all body systems, metabolism is impaired, immune function is lowered.

Some people become extremely aggressive and irritated for any reason; others suffer from depression and lose interest in life. At the same time, they all know how difficult it is to combat the insomnia.


There are many external causes for sleep disorders in our life:

  • stress;
  • bad health habits;
  • physical defatigation;
  • late sleep onsets;
  • plentiful food before going to bed;
  • emotional problems.

In addition, sleep disorders is a symptom of numerous diseases related to narrowing and spasm of blood vessels, difficult blood circulation: coronary heart disease, hypertension, atherosclerosis, etc.


However often this illness starts to torture females and males over 45 years for no apparent reasons. There is the «scruffy» pace of life, it is difficult to keep regular hours, and there are steady stresses at work. Here night comes and it is impossible to fall asleep.

One of the most important and most common causes of insomnia is a disorder of cerebral circulation. This is due to several problems:

spasms and narrowing of blood vessels due to lack of CO2;

degradation of oxygen transmission to the brain by blood cells (erythrocytes);

decreased efficiency of brain cells (neurons);

permanent superexcitation of the central nervous system.

If we describe the problem more easily, then we can say that because of a sedentary lifestyle, stress and permanent nervous tension, there is a respiration disturbance, which leads to decrease in blood carbon dioxide level.

You can solve the problem of vasospasm and can overcome insomnia by normalizing the CO2 level and ramp up to the standard level of 6-6.5%.


Way 1. Medicines and dietary supplements

At first sight, it is the simplest way: the patient goes to the doctor and he prescribes the medical drug. The person takes the drug and falls asleep. However, after a few months, he finds out that the drug has little effect. The doctor prescribes another drug — a stronger one. The patient takes it and falls asleep again.

In a few more months the patient will realize with horror that this medication has ceased to function. There will be a vicious circle, and along with it — a depression and oppression. And most likely, the next stage will be an in-patient department in a special clinic for sleep disorders.

Doctors prescribe medicines only in extreme cases. As for dietary supplements, many of them simply do not work, if the patient has already had rather serious problems with falling asleep.

Way 2. Compliance with the sleep hygiene

It also seems to be a simple way. It is necessary to develop a sleep rhythm, and for this the person should fall asleep and wake up at the same time. You shouldn’t ruin the night sleep by falling asleep during the day and you should ensure yourself with comfortable sleeping conditions: silence, room airing, and comfortable bed.

You need to take a walk, take a bath with aromatic oils before going to bed, and it is advisable to take a relaxing massage. An hour before sleep you need to exclude emotional, physical stress. It is impossible to overeat in the evening.

In fact, very few people manage to implement these recommendations because of the specific features of a pace of life and stressful situations at work. Therefore, it is difficult to observe completely the hygiene of sleep.

Way 3. Relaxation

First of all, you should do only quiet things in the evening, dim the light, avoid loud sounds. Secondly, it is worth mastering the progressive muscle relaxation.

To do this, please take a lying position, and then alternately strain and relax all groups of muscles of the limbs, trunk, back, neck and face. Maximum tension should be replaced by full relaxation of muscles in 10 seconds.

In the third place, do the abdominal breathing exercises. Take a deep breath, trying to use not only the chest, but also the abdomen, the lower part of the back. Each subsequent breath should be deeper than the previous one. And exhalation should last longer than inhalation.

It is the effective technique which brings about the good results, but still does not eliminate the main cause of insomnia.

Way 4. Breathing exercises or breathing simulator training

In the last article, we described in detail about various respiratory techniques and about the effect of the Samozdrav respiratory simulator. These methods efficacy in the fight against insomnia is based on the active oxygen saturation of the body and the carbon dioxide level recovery.

Everyone regardless of age can practice the respiratory gymnastics or do Samozdrav respiratory simulator. But if you need to follow certain techniques during respiratory gymnastics exercises, then it is convenient to sit on a couch or in an armchair for training on a simulator.

The training starts with 1-3 minutes durability, in the following stages it increases to 20-30 minutes. In 3-4 weeks you feel a significant improvement.

The body carbonation resulting in vascular distention, vascular spasmolysis, cerebral circulation improvement, and decrease in the load on the heart. Thus, the Samozdrav simulator, unlike other methods, eliminates the very cause of insomnia.

It recovers the normal blood vessels lumen by saturating the body with a natural vasodilating substance — carbon dioxide. This effect cannot be achieved with drugs or dietary supplements.

When doing exercises on the simulator, the inhaled air mixture exerts the same effect on the body as intensive training in the gym. But at the same time you manage to avoid a dangerous load on the joints and heart, and can save a lot of time.

Regular Samozdrav respiratory simulator training is an effective and fast way to kill insomnia. Besides that, simple exercises will help you to become free of diseases that cause sleep disorders: hypertension, ischemia, atherosclerosis, and angina pectoris.

Samozdrav simulator has a complex effect:

  • removes vascular spasms;
  • restores the blood vessels lumen;
  • sets the correct respiratory rhythm;
  • improves oxygen delivery to tissues and internal organs;
  • regulates neurons functioning;
  • normalizes the heart rhythm;
  • eliminates the overarousing.

Using Samozdrav simulator in order to eliminate the causes of insomnia and to normalize metabolic processes in the whole body, you will managed to restore the sleep duration in a short time, will be able quickly to fall asleep and will be able to wake up without any problems.

Breathing with the help of the Samozdrav simulator has a prolonged effect. If you spent a month using the simulator, increased the content of CO2 and brought the level of its content to normal, then you can stop training for a while.

In such a case the problems with sleeping do not come back, because the simulator training has a long-term effect. Your nervous system will handle stressful situations better, which means that you will be able to feel healthy and will be going strong again.