Hipertansiyon, yüksek tansiyonda ifade edilen bir hastalıktır. Bu en s> k ve sinsi hastal> klardan biridir. Hipertansiyon giderek ilerlemekte ve 30-40 yaşın üzerindeki insanlarda sıklıkla görülmektedir.

İlk evrede, patoloji, tezahürleriyle banal aşın kırgınlığa çok benzerdir. Çoğu hasta daha ciddi bir aşamaya gelene kadar hastalıklarını düşünmüyor. Sonuç olarak, hipertansiyon genellikle ambulans doktorları veya resüsitatörler tarafından teşhis edilir.

Aslında, evdeki kan basıncını ölçmek çok basittir ve tedavi zamanında başlıyorsa, bir hipertoniyi düzeltmek oldukça mümkündür.

Hipertansiyon semptomları

Eğer düzenli olarak aşağıdaki belirtilerden herhangi birine sahipseniz, en kısa zamanda doktorunuza başvurunuz:

  • Baş ağrısı ve baş dönmesi;
  • Taşikardi — zayıf ve hızlı kalp atışı;
  • Sweating and facial flushing;
  • Head pulsation sense;
  • Shivering attacks;
  • Anxiety;
  • Memory impairment;
  • Irritation and performance decrement;
  • Seeing spots;
  • Eyelid swelling and facial swelling in the mornings;
  • Numbness of fingers and toes;
  • Hands swelling.

If the listed symptoms disturb the patient just periodically, not constantly, then this is not a reason to delay the examination! If you do not take the situation with the pressure under control, then the health will start failing just before long: hypertension impacts the vessels, eyes, kidneys, heart and the brain.

The later treatment is started, the worse the patient feels. Over time, all of the above symptoms become permanent: memory decreases, coordination and walking worsen, hands and legs become weak, and vision deteriorates sharply. Do not let the situation get to an irreversible stage; if the first problems arise, please turn to the experts.

How to cure hypertension at home without assistance?


It should be understood that any independent treatment of hypertension must necessarily be coordinated with the attending physician. No treatment at home can be the basic one in the fight against hypertension. However, in combination with prescribed medications, home treatment can really help a lot.

Normal sleep and rest schedule

In the modern world, stress and overtiredness are the main causes of hypertension. And that is why today the disease becomes so «younger»: people are losing health at work, constantly being under emotional tension. Doctors are no longer surprised by thirty-year hypertensive patients, and every year the situation becomes sadder.

In addition, for normal body function, a person must necessarily sleep at least 7 hours a day. Lack of sleep and stresses lead to overtiredness, the vessels are in constant spasms. The hypertonia becomes a logical result.

If you want to cure hypertension by yourself, you need to normalize your sleep-work schedule. Allow at least 7-8 hours for your sleep, and provided that you should go to bed and get up at the same time.

Healthy eating

«We are what we eat» — this ancient statement is truer than ever in the case of hypertension. Why? Because the simple arithmetic is effective here: every extra kilogram of weight raises blood pressure by 1 mm Hg!

If you want to normalize your blood pressure, you need to work out your food on the principle of «less than more».

Eat less:

Salt — it holds water and increases pressure. Hypertension sufferers should reduce salt intake to a minimum;

Strong tea, coffee, alcohol — they increase the probability of blood vessels spasm appearance, therefore, they increase pressure too. You should also stop smoking if you smoke;

Fat and smoked food — eat less sausages, fat, butter. Replace it with sunflower oil, or even olive oil;

Sugar — the less risk of weight gain, the better.

Eat more:

Fresh vegetables and fruits — there are a lot of fiber, lots of vitamins, and fruits are the excellent substitute for sweets;

Products with high magnesium and potassium content — cereals, dried apricots, cabbage, carrots, and beets. All that helps to strengthen the heart;

Lean meat — chicken or turkey without skin, it is better they would be boiled or steamed.

You shouldn’t starve — eat small portions, bit by bit, but 6-7 times a day. Before going to bed, it is good to drink a glass of yogurt or kefir.

Light physical activity

Rising of pressure because of a constant vasospasm is the cornerstone of hypertension. Accurate physical activity will help to improve the vascular wall tone and reduce the blood pressure.

Consult to the attending physician; let it tell you about the optimal load. Here everything is customized: someone can calmly engage in yoga, swimming or even easy running, and for someone physical exercises and careful walks in the park are indicated. One thing is the most significant: you need to move, it’s very important.

Breathing exercises

In order to cure hypertension by yourself, you need to breathe properly. Respiratory gymnastics since olden times has been put in the arsenal of physicians in China and India, many of its techniques are very effective and used in the exercise therapy.

Exercises are usually very simple, but they do work: they improve blood circulation and digestion, normalize sleep schedule, minimize headache, and smooth down in case of stress. It is proved that careful performance of respiratory gymnastics causes a strong release of endorphin — feel-good chemical. Saturation of blood with oxygen significantly improves patient’s well-being.

For a complex effect, you can use the Samozdrav respiratory simulator. Samozdrav trainings are easier and more convenient, especially for aged people. Exercises can be performed sitting in a chair or on a couch, without performing any additional actions.

Despite the simplicity of the performance, the exercises effect is not less than the standard types of respiratory gymnastics.

Herbs and plants application

Herbs and plants should be used in case of hypertension carefully: some of them can even do much harm during its taking. Do not get too involved in home treatment of hypertension and do not make it the basic one!

Before taking herbs, always consult your doctor.

Some doctors recommend the following herbs and plants:

Black currant, honeyberry, cranberry, dog rose and cowberry — these frozen, fresh or dried berries are very useful for hypertensive patients;

Garlic and onion — patients should eat small fresh portion every day for a food;

Fresh lemons — eat every day a piece of lemon, along with peel, but without pits, you can add honey to it.

Positive communication

The best medicine for hypertensive patients is pleasant, quiet communication with close people, laugh and joy. Positive emotions are excellent for the blood vessels health and for the body as a whole, this is proven by doctors. Laughing relaxes blood vessels and normalizes blood pressure, improves overall well-being.

What should we do in case of hypertension?

The best choice would be to combine all of the above methods: an integrated approach gives excellent results. And, of course, do not forget to consult a doctor!

If you have already got on the path of fighting hypertension and now use medicines, eat healthy vegetables and fruits, keep a diet and get used to physical exertion, add to this list the Samozdrav exercise device.